All batter is made fresh in house daily. All crepes served all day and available gluten free.



Plain crepe made with our housemade crepe batter, topped w/ slice of butter, powdered sugar w/ your choice of organic maple syrup or jam

Suggested pairing: A Traditional Espresso Macchiato or one of our popular White Chocolate Mocha



Hash browns, sausage, cheddar cheese served w/ side of local salsa and 100% organic maple syrup

Suggested pairing: Fresh Drip Coffee brewed with our signature Ibex Blend or a spicy Mexican Mocha made with a cayenne and cinnamon housemade chocolate syrup


Photo Jun 20, 8 47 24 AM.jpg

Chicken, bacon & housemade artichoke sauce, topped with shaved parmesan & arugula microgreens

Suggested pairing: Hot or Iced Americano or a bubbly CRAFT Espresso Tonic made with two shots of espresso pulled over sparkling water


Photo Nov 01, 10 28 24 AM.jpg

Layered mozzarella, fresh cut tomatoes, basil, topped w/ raspberry balsamic reduction sauce

Suggested pairing: A perfectly steamed Cappuccino or a housemade Vanilla Latte


Photo Jun 20, 8 47 29 AM.jpg

Nutella spread w/ bananas and seasonal fruit w/ housemade whip cream

Suggested pairing: A creamy Chai or a Latte with one of our delicious housemade syrups

Berry Cobbler 


Triple berry compote crepe, over a fromage blanc w/ oat streusel & side of vanilla gelato made fresh at Sorci's

Suggested pairing: Cortado in a glass or a bubbly CRAFT Espresso Tonic sweetened with a kiss of one of our housemade syrups

PB & J


Peanut butter cream filling w/ sliced bananas, topped w/ jam, fresh berries, powered sugar & honey drizzle

Suggested pairing: A sparkling CRAFT Soda with our seasonal syrups and flavors 


* We cannot 100% guarantee no cross contamination with our gluten free crepes.


Handcrafted espresso 

CRAFT.19 is proud to serve a speciality DCR Lucent Espresso roasted locally at Dillanos Coffee Roasters in Sumner, Washington. We also sell our own signature IBEX Blend in store. We use locally fresh milk from Smith Brothers Farms in Kent, Washington.

Drip     2.5

12 oz of our signature CRAFT.19 Ibex Blend w/ complimentary in house refills

Americano     3

8 oz/ 12 oz/ 16 oz 

double espresso     2.7

2 shots of DCR Lucent Espresso served w/ side of sparkling water

espresso macchiato     3

2 shots of DCR Lucent Espresso topped with a little steamed milk

cortado     3.5

2 shots of DCR Lucent Espresso and steamed Smith Brothers milk in a 4.5oz Gibraltar glass

cappuccino     3.7

2 shots of DCR Lucent Espresso velvety steamed milk from Smith Brothers Farm in 8oz cup

latte     4/ 4.3

12 oz  / 16 oz    2 shots of DCR Lucent Espresso perfectly steamed milk from Smith Brothers Farms

mocha / white mocha   4.3/ 4.6 / 4.9

8 oz / 12 oz/ 16 oz    Also available: Mexican Mocha & Almond Roca Mocha  

Hot Chocolate   2.5 / 3 / 3.5

8 oz / 12 oz / 16 oz    Also available Mexican Hot Chocolate

chai latte     3 / 3.5 / 4

8 oz / 12 oz / 16 oz

affogato     4.2

Freshly made vanilla gelato from Sorci's covered with 2 shots of DCR Lucent Espresso

con panna    3.5 

Our housemade whip covered with 2 shots of DCR Lucent Espresso 

CRaft soda      4 

16 oz  Lavender Honey  or Vanilla Cream flavored sparkling water w/ splash of creme and house made whipped cream

loose tea leaf      3

An assortment of high quality loose tea leaf from Tea Madame in Sumner, Washington, available as a Tea Latte with steamed milk add a kiss of vanilla